Jolly Rancher

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  • Totally awesomely fabulously jaw dropping mega superstar of a huge derby hat. If you want to have fun and stand out in the crowd, this is YOUR HAT.
  • I didn’t even bother listing all the colors in this hat. If you can’t find a dress to match one of these colors, Sister, it’s time for that eye exam. 
  • comes in giant hat box. So be prepared. Your mail person won’t be able to hide it behind that bush. Everybody gonna know you got mail. 
  • free shipping. I think it actually flies and drives. So I don’t know why we continue to say shipping. But it is what it is. It will get there.
  • The hat will fit most head sizes. It has a drawstring inside the sweatband. The edge of the brim is also adjustable. It has a wired edging and can be turned or bent however you wish. You can turn it up or down or sideways. It’s that cool. 😎